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26 March 2009

Name: Landfill Gas Modeling Workshop

Sector: Municipal Solid Waste

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Event Details: On March 26 and 27, 2009 the Methane to Markets Partnership held a Landfill Gas (LFG) workshop in collaboration with SEMARNAT, the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development (SEMADES) of the State of Jalisco and the Guadalajara Autonomous University (UAG) in Guadalajara, Mexico. The objective of the workshop was to present the new Mexico Landfill Gas Model 2.0. Approximately 100 professionals attended the workshop.

Event Summary:
English (PDF, 1 pp, 156 KB);
Español (PDF, 1 pp, 149 KB)

Event Presentations:
• U.S. and Mexico Landfill Gas Collaboration: English (PDF, 11 pp, 297 KB); Español (PDF, 11 pp, 822 KB)

• Methane and its Global Warming Effects: Español (PDF, 11 pp, 872 KB)

• Methane to Markets in Mexico: Español (PDF, 12 pp, 242 KB)

• Landfill Gas Collection Systems: Español (PDF, 40 pp, 1.3 MB)

• Landfill Gas Utilization: Español (PDF, 33 pp, 801 KB)

• Introduction to the new version of the Mexico LFG Model: Español (PDF, 35 pp, 2.2 MB)

• Hands-on Training on new version of the LFG Model: Español (PDF, 10 pp, 556 KB)

Mexico Landfill Gas Model 2.0 Exiting Methane to Markets