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Visa, Hotel and Travel Information

The information on this page will assist you in getting to the Expo and getting around Beijing while attending the Expo.

Passport and Visa Requirements

All non-Chinese nationals traveling to the Methane to Markets Partnership Expo will require a either a tourist or business visa to enter China. To apply for either a tourist a Visa contact your travel agent or the China Embassy in your country to fill out the appropriate applications.

Links to the China Embassy in your country may be found at:

  • A normal tourist visa is the simplest way to obtain a visa and is sufficient for most attendees.
  • If you require a Business Visa, you will need an official invitation letter from the Chinese government to submit as a part of your Visa application. The ASG and conference organizers will facilitate obtaining the official invitation letter for you.
    • Simply complete the Visa Invitation Request Form (DOC, 2 pp., 40KB) and fax or email it to the ASG at +1-781-674-2906 or Please type all relevant information and send signed forms to the ASG as soon as possible. Invitation letters will only be issued to confirmed Expo registrants. If you have not yet registered please do so right away.
    • The ASG will transfer Visa Invitation Requests to our Chinese hosts who will generate an invitation letter for you to include in your Visa application to the China Embassy in your country.
    • Original copies of the invitation letter are necessary in Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, U A E, Iran, Tunis, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Thailand, Iraq, and some other countries, thus the prompt submission of this form is very important

Basic requirements for a visa for U.S. citizens are:

  1. A completed visa application downloaded here,
  2. A recently taken, 2-inch, passport photo of your full face, without any head covering,
  3. A passport with blank pages and valid for a minimum of 6 more months,
  4. If you require a Business Visa you will need an invitation letter from a Chinese organization or business. If you require a business visa please complete the following form and fax it to +1-781=674-2906. Invitation letters will only be issued to confirmed Expo registrants.
  5. Visa application fee in cash or money order only.

Due to heightened security, the Chinese Embassy and Consulates General in the United States no longer accept mailed visa applications. All U.S. applicants are required to appear in person at the visa office to complete the visa application. If an applicant cannot appear personally, he/she may entrust a relative, a friend, or a travel/visa agent to come to the visa office for the application process.

Visa processing normally takes 4-7 business days. Rush services are available in person for an additional fee. These are only the basic requirements; please visit the embassy's Web site for complete details and fees.

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Hotel Information

All conference attendees are required to make their own hotel reservations.

We have reserved a block of rooms at the China World Hotel at the discounted group rate of RMB 1700 single/RMB 1800 double + 15% tax. This rate includes complimentary in-room internet access.

For reservations, complete the Hotel Reservation Form (DOC, 1 pp., 81KB) and either fax or email it to the China World Reservations Department by 14 September.

China World Hotel
No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue
Beijing 10004 China

Reservations Department:

Reservation Phone #: + 86 10 65052266
Reservation Fax #: + 86 10 65054323
Reservation e-mail:
Web site:

In order to get the discounted rates above, you must mention you are attending the Methane to Markets Partnership Expo or complete the reservation form.

Transportation to Your Hotel: Options, Prices, and Downloadable Cards

The China World Hotel is located just 30-45 minutes from the Beijing Capitol Airport (non-rush hour), in the heart of the Central Business District. There are numerous cabs available at the Beijing airport. The cab fare from the airport to the China World Hotel is approximately 100-115 RMB (approximately $12-$15 USD). Not all taxi drivers speak English. In order to help you get from the airport to the hotel we have provided the PDF below. Please print out the PDF for your hotel and hand it to the cab driver.

The card says: China World Hotel and its address, in both English and Chinese characters.

China World Taxi Card (PDF, 50KB)

Only use official taxis; do not go with an unmarked unofficial car, no matter how good the deal seems. Sometimes these unmarked cabs will charge you more, or will bring you to another hotel that they have an arrangement with. At the airport there is a line of official cabs outside the terminal. DO NOT take a cab from anyone else that approaches you. Official cabs have a meter. Please ensure the driver turns the meter on when you start your trip. Drivers are required to provide a receipt.

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Money: Options and Rates

It is illegal to bring Chinese currency (RMB, or yuan) into the People's Republic of China, except in the form of travelers' checks. In the baggage claim area of Beijing airport there are currency exchange machines that recognize most major currencies (USD, Euros, Yen, etc.). Other options include a currency exchange kiosk in the airport terminal or your hotel, both of which offer better exchange rates. If you choose to use the machine in the baggage claim area, which normally has no waiting, it is suggested to exchange only enough currency to pay for the taxi to the hotel and something to eat prior to exchanging additional cash. (This is especially useful if you are arriving late in the evening when the regular bank exchanges and some hotel exchanges are closed.)

You can exchange currency at the front desk of your hotel or at a bank exchange. You will need your passport to exchange money and there is a limit to the amount of yuan you are allowed to change back to your original currency. It is therefore recommended not to exchange large sums of cash.

The best rate of exchange is to use credit cards (accepted at all hotels and the larger restaurants) or use ATM machines. Using an ATM card drawn on a U.S. bank is easy. There is an ATM machine on the conference level of the China World Hotel. Most ATMs have instructions in English and Chinese.

Travel within Beijing: Sight-seeing Attractions and Downloadable Cards

Foreigners cannot rent cars in Beijing. Most of the popular sight-seeing places in Beijing (e.g., the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Silk Market, the Temple of Heaven) are within 15-20 minutes of the conference hotel. It is easy and affordable to take a taxi to any of these destinations. The taxi fare to most of these locations is between $5-$8.00 USD. The doormen at the hotel have a pre-printed check list (PDF, 2 pp., 47KB) that you can fill out and hand to your cab driver. Check with your concierge or doorman for what the appropriate fare will be. When you hand the pre-printed card to the taxi driver, you should state the fare you have been told by your concierge (e.g., 20 yuan, or two zero yuan). Most taxi drivers will look at your check list and nod in agreement.

Use your "Please take me to China World Hotel" card to return. All the tourist sites in Beijing have numerous taxis at the entrances and exits. Give the pre-printed card to the driver and state the same fare it cost to get you to the site. At the tourist sites, there are many unofficial taxis; again, only use official cabs.

If you wish to go site-seeing outside of Beijing, you must go with a tour group or hire a car and driver. The concierge at your hotel can help arrange either option. Tour groups will be less expensive, but a car and driver offers more flexibility. You can hire a car and driver for approximately $50-$75 USD for ½ a day.

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Restaurants and Groceries near the Conference

The China World Hotel has 5 restaurants onsite and numerous other restaurants within a 5 to 10-minute walk. The cuisine of China is unique and varied. The restaurants in Beijing offer a wonderful selection of dishes from many of the regions of China. Many of the restaurants in the Central Business District have "picture" menus to assist patrons who do not speak Chinese. All restaurants use chopsticks, but if you are uncomfortable using them, you can request a fork and most restaurants have them available.

The China World Hotel is connected to a major shopping center. In the basement of the shopping center is a grocery store with Chinese, Japanese, and western products available. It is a good place to go if you are looking for some light snacks to keep in your room. Western products are much more expensive than the Chinese products, but they are available. This store also sells wine and beer.

The Central Business District caters to a lot of foreigners so there are many familiar restaurant chains (e.g., McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks, etc.); these chain restaurants are considerably more expensive than the Chinese restaurants.

Returning Home

All international flights should be reconfirmed with your airline if your stay in Beijing is longer than 48 hours. Beijing airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia. As such, it can take significant time to check in for your flight, clear immigration, and security. Please arrive at the airport a minimum of THREE hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.


Airport Code: The airport code for Beijing International airport is PEK.

Tipping: Restaurants, hotels, and bars usually have a 15% service charge added to the bill. You may round up the bill if you feel the service you received was exceptional. Small gratuities for taxi drivers, bellboys, and doormen are allowed.

Climate: It can be cool in Beijing: 7 degrees Celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit) in the evenings, and 14 degrees Celsius (58 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day in November, so bring warm clothing if you plan on touring outside locations. This is especially necessary if you want to tour the Great Wall, which is located in the mountains outside the city and can be quite windy and cool.

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