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Gemidan Ecogi

Type of Organization
Private Sector
Description of Services

Gemidan Ecogi develops, supplies and operates processing technologies for the treating and recycling of food waste from households, businesses and industry Ecogi converts organic waste to green energy by using an environmentally friendly pre-treatment technology. Ecogi produces a pulp of outstanding purity (>99.9%), for direct application of digestate to agricultural land after energy utilization in energy plants. Gemidan Ecogi ensures to monitor the quality of the pulp by sending samples to an external laboratory for analysis and testing to ensure it is free from environmentally harmful substances. Ecogi maximizes utilization of the organic material in source seperated food waste. Ecogi can treat most types of organic waste including food packaged in metal and glass. Ecogi can effectively treat wastes with high levels of physical contamination (up to about 20%) Households in plastic bags, Households in paper bags, Industry (mixed waste), Industry (contained in steel cans) & Supermarkets (out of date food)

Sector(s) of Interest
MSW; Biogas
Area(s) of Geographic Interest
North America
Web Site
Nielsen, Lars Ravn

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