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100-First Zero Waste and Organic Cycle Organization (100-NGO)

Type of Organization
Description of Services

Main objectives of the Organisation are: 1. research and development of strategies and practical implementation work leading to a. waste minimisation at all levels of its generation, b. increasing amounts of waste streams being reused or recycled in the sense of transforming waste into a resource c. substantial integration of organic waste recycling via separate collection and biological treatment schemes, on-site composting at all scales of household and industrial generation. 2. training and education of all involved sectors of the society in order to increase knowledge about technical and organisational opprtunities of sustainable waste recycling with a special focus on the organic waste resource and humus management via composting 3. cooperation and knowledge exchange with organisations world wide in the field of waste recycling and the optimisation of the organic cycle management.

Sector(s) of Interest
Agriculture; Coal Mines; MSW; Oil & Gas; Wastewater; Other
Web Site
Stoyanov, Grigor
Phone: +359977444209

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