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McGill & Associates

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McGill Associates recognizes that solid waste management practices are an important element of environmental awareness. Our solid waste team has extensive experience in providing solid waste management consulting services, including master planning, gas-to-energy facilities, material recovery facilities, recycling center design, resource recovery planning, and waste management facility development. We are also leaders in applying innovative designs and new technologies, such as aerobic landfill bioreactors, which can avoid methane, a toxic Greenhouse Gas as well as odors and VOCs. Using United Nations Clean Development Methodology for Aerobic Landfills, AM 0083, such technology can provide new revenue sources to closed and operating landfills, reduce the burdens and costs of prescriptive regulations, maximize resources and improve operational efficiency (reuse of landfill airspace and footprint), and ensure better protection to the environment.

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Agriculture; Oil & Gas; Wastewater; Other
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Hudgins, Mark
Phone: (202) 906-0059

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