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Tell us how you’re reducing methane emissions

BECG Global

Type of Organization
Private Sector
Description of Services

BECG Global is a team consisting of a consulting engineer with the U.S. Department of Energy. BECG Global has created a TEA Process to help with the landfill issues. A unit can produce 5.4 megawatts of power depending on the feedstock that is used. The process does not create any toxic waste itself, but does create two useable byproducts – methane and carbon – that can be used to mix with plastic out of the landfills and create carbon reinforced lumber. This lumber is a building material that can be nailed or screwed. Additionally, the carbon can also be used to filter chemicals and most importantly water for drinking purposes. This is a great portable energy-generating process.

Sector(s) of Interest
MSW; Other
Area(s) of Geographic Interest
Africa; Ghana
Quick, Gregory
Phone: (919) 738-4935

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