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Tell us how you’re reducing methane emissions

Waste To Energy, Inc.

Type of Organization
Private Sector
Description of Services

Waste To Energy, Inc. (WTE) is marketing a newly developed engine that runs off of methane gas. The engine size ranges from 30KW to 1MW. The smaller unit is very easy to install, "Plug and Play", and can fit in small or closed landfills. WTE is also marketing an anaerobic digestion system that is modular and closed looped, one tenth the size of a normal system. World wide markets include: * On-farm energy systems for all confined animal and aquaculture operations. * Food operations, all processing plants. * Industrial operations that have biodegradable waste streams, including biodiesal plants, ethanol plants, and similar operations. *Institutional and municipal settings, such as prisons, hospitals, schools, municipal waste systems. These units are transportable and redeployable.

Sector(s) of Interest
Agriculture; Coal Mines; MSW; Oil & Gas; Other
Area(s) of Geographic Interest
Murphy, James
Phone: (334) 886-3145

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