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Pastoralists of Tanzania Climate Change Alliance

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The Pastoralists of Tanzania Climate Change Alliance (PTCCA) is an umbrella members based organization supported by over 50 NGOs of pastoralists people. Pastoralists are mainly herders who keeps livestocks. Most pastoralists lives in semi aridlands of Tanzania in East Africa.. Their lands are affected by global warming which causes severe droughts. The livestocks they keep produces mathane gas from the digestion tracks and also as manure which stores methane - a GHG. Therefore PTCCA provide training and capacity building to member organizations in the areas of climate change, global warming, carbon offsets and renewable sources of clean energy. It also promotes biogas technolgy to develop and use methane animal manure for cooking and other homestead uses. PTCCA also seek to establish link and actively develop networks with other like minded organizations in order to share information and best practices.

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Ole-Sikar, Tom
Phone: +(254) 255 754 481802

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