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IACX Energy

Type of Organization
Private Sector
Description of Services

IACX Energy designs, fabricates, and leases proprietary processes for extracting nitrogen from methane. Its technologies utilize a gas separation method called pressure swing adsorption (PSA), a process that thrives at lower pressures and volumes. Aside from natural gas industry applications, IACX is actively pursuing opportunities in landfill gas, digester gas, and animal waste management applications. As of January 2010, IACX has 18 nitrogen rejection units operating in the U.S. and has recently commenced operations on a "nitrogen frac flow-back" application in eastern Tennessee. IACX's plants are small and mobile and can be moved from location to location in a matter of days. It is in the process of mounting these plants on trailers so that they can be mobilized in very short order.

Sector(s) of Interest
Agriculture; Coal Mines; MSW; Oil & Gas
Area(s) of Geographic Interest
United States
Web Site
Sears, Scott
Phone: (972) 960-3210

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