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Global Industrial Dynamics

Type of Organization
Private Sector
Description of Services

Global Industrial Dynamics looks to provide clients new business opportunities by upgrading the company's strategy> This is done by improving the existing process/production facilities to meet the latest technologies and techniques, and by implementing energy savings, and improving the environmental impact in order to increase shareholders value by short-term financial improvements and long-term sustainability. One of the technologies the company represents is the Nitech NRU technology for the coal mine methane (CMM) utilization. The Nitech NRU technology is unique in its process to purify the captured methane from CMM and meet the stringent gas pipeline specifications. The CMM Utilization application provides the possibility to either inject the purified methane (high quality natural gas) into nearby gas pipelines or compress it into liquified natural gas.

Sector(s) of Interest
Coal Mines; Oil & Gas
Area(s) of Geographic Interest
Partnership-wide; Europe; Poland
Web Site
van der Zande, Chris
Phone: +(31) 0 70 300 22 31

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