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BioAust Energy Pty Ltd

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Biogas produced in landfills and wastewater treatment processes have a significant contribution to the greenhouse effect, which is responsible for the global warming phenomenon. Due to these environmental concerns, the demand to convert biogases to other forms is increasingly desirable There are several routes for this synthesis gas production. The most ideal, but not the most widely used, is the CO2 reforming reaction. Currently research is focus on the optimisation of the catalyst performance that will enable them to increase productivity and selectivity Synthesis gases (CO + H2) are ideal feedstock for the production of methanol. Methanol is a useful chemical, which is traditionally used as a solvent and as a feedstock for bulk organic chemicals (primarily formaldehyde). Recently, methanol has gained importance as a clean fuel that burns without NOx and SOx emissions and the demand for this use continues to increase and represents the fastest growing market for methanol.

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Agriculture; MSW
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Vansjariya, Ketan
Phone: +(61) 411602680

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