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Project Network Members

All Sector Members (1309)

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Organization Name Type of Organization Areas Of Interest
100-First Zero Waste and Organic Cycle Organization (100-NGO)NGO
3WEPrivate Sector
4RCap Holdings Ltd.Private SectorEurope, Russia
A J Lucas Group LimitedPrivate Sector
A2GPrivate SectorPeru
Abatement Solutions - Asia PacificPrivate SectorAustralia
ABB Measurement & AnalyticsPrivate SectorUnited States
Abbott Energy & Environment Consulting, Inc.Private SectorPakistan
Abhirutu ConsultantsFinancial InstitutionPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Abiodun Adebayo Welfare OrganisationOtherAfrica, Nigeria
ABiogas (Brazilian Biogas Association)AssociationSouth America
ABPS Infrastructure AdvisoryPrivate Sector
Abt AssociatesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
ABUTEC LLCPrivate Sector
Access Energy, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
ACOI, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide, North America, United States
Acterra Group, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
ADAS UK LtdPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
Adsorptech Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Advanced Renewable EnergyPrivate Sector
Advanced Resources International, Inc. (ARI)Private SectorPartnership-wide, United States
Advanced Technology Development CenterNGO
Advantage Environmental TechnologiesPrivate SectorUnited States
AECOM Technical Services, IncPrivate Sector
Aerison Pty LtdPrivate Sector
Aero-Magnetech Energy System, Inc.Research
Aerzen USA Corp.Private SectorPartnership-wide
AES CorporationPrivate Sector
AESEDA, Penn State UniversityResearchUnited States
Africa Initiative For Environment Sustainable NetwOtherNigeria
African Centre for Sustainanble Energy TechnologieResearchNigeria
AGAMA BiogasPrivate SectorAfrica
AgCert InternationalPrivate Sector
AgE Tecnologias Meio Ambiente, Saneam. & AmbiênciaPrivate SectorBrazil
AGL EnergyPrivate Sector
AgRefreshPrivate SectorUnited States
Agricultural Engineering Associates, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
AgroenergyNGOPartnership-wide, Europe, Italy
Agrogreen AsiaPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
AHEAD Energy CorporationOther
Aimil Ltd, New DelhiPrivate Sector
AISUOtherUnited States
aix-o-therm GeoEnergyPrivate Sector
Ajeghile IndustriesPrivate Sector
Akeida Capital ManagementPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
AleresPrivate SectorLatin America
Alkane Energy plcPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
All Events GroupPrivate Sector
Allied Engineering & Services LimitedPrivate Sector
Aloe Private EquityPrivate SectorAsia, United Kingdom
Al-Qasim FoundationOtherAsia, Pakistan
AlterLat Energia Alternativa de LatinoamericaPrivate SectorNorth America, South America, Mexico
AlternaNGOSouth America
Alterna VerdePrivate SectorAsia, Philippines
AlterPower GreEnergy PhilippinesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Philippines
AmbiSense, Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Europe
Ameresco, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
American Petroleum Institute (API)OtherUnited States
Amgaz Furnizare SRLPrivate Sector
Ammongas A/SPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America
Amoda Environmental SolutionsPrivate Sector
Anagha Datta TradePrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Andean Co.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Anglo Coal AustraliaPrivate Sector
Animal Science Research Institute of IranResearch
Antares DistributionPrivate Sector
APESBOtherPartnership-wide, Europe
Apnea SrlPrivate SectorItaly
Applied GeoSolutions, LLCResearchUnited States
APTIMPrivate SectorUnited States
AquaLimpia Beratende IngenieurePrivate SectorGermany
Aquamec Marine Farming SystemsPrivate Sector
Arbutus Renewables Ltd.Private Sector
Arc Media GlobalPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
ARC Technologies CorporationOtherPartnership-wide, North America
Arcanum EnergyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Argentina Solid Waste Association (ARS)OtherArgentina
Argentine Renewable Energies ChamberOther
Argonne National LaboratoryResearchUnited States
Ariane FinancePrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
Arizon CompaniesPrivate Sector
Armond & AssociatesResearchUnited States
Arrow EnergyPrivate SectorAustralia
Asel-TechPrivate Sector
Ashok SansthanOtherPartnership-wide
Asia Clean Energy Pte LtdPrivate SectorChina
Asian Development Bank (ADB)Financial InstitutionPhilippines
Asja Ambiente Italia S.p.A.Private Sector
Asociación FénixOtherSouth America
Association des Ong de l'Environnement (AOE)NGOAfrica
ATAPrivate SectorPhilippines
Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions IncPrivate Sector
ATO Inc.Research
ATZ Applied Technologies Inc.Private Sector
Aum Energy PTE Ltd.Private Sector
Australasian Energy Pty LimitedPrivate SectorAustralia
Australian Burner ManufacturerPrivate Sector
Australian Climate ExchangePrivate SectorAsia, Australia
Australian Coal AssociationOtherAustralia
Australian Lot Feeders AssociationPrivate SectorAustralia
Australian Petroleum Prod. & Exploration Assoc.Private SectorAustralia
Autumn Mountain, LLCPrivate Sector
Avalon ConsultingPrivate SectorIndia
Avatar EnergyPrivate Sector
Ayurvet Reserch FoundationResearchIndia
Baker & MckenziePrivate Sector
Balance Power and Gas Pty LtdPrivate Sector
BalanceCO2Private SectorCanada
Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechResearchPartnership-wide
Bannari Amman Sugars LtdPrivate SectorIndia
Bapele Green Power ResourcesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
BAS Associates ConsultingPrivate SectorNigeria
BaswoodPrivate Sector
BayhillFinancial Institution
BCS Inc.Private Sector
Beacon Generating, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
BECG GlobalPrivate SectorAfrica, Ghana
Beijing SinoHypro Petrochemical Tech. Co., Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Beijing Tianqing PowerPrivate Sector
Benfam Institute of Natural LivingOtherIran
Bert BringsPrivate Sector
Berwick Manley Associates Ltd.Private SectorUnited Kingdom
BGP EngineersPrivate Sector
Bharat Coking Coal LimitedOtherIndia
Bhartiya Dnyanpith Bahhuudeshiya Gramin Vikas SansOtherPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Bhilai Engineering Corporation LimitedPrivate Sector
BHP BillitonPrivate Sector
BHR Group LimitedResearch
Bio ApplicationsPrivate SectorNigeria
BIO CDMPrivate SectorRepublic of Korea (South Korea)
Bio Organics Group Pty LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Middle East, China, India, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand, United States, Vietnam
bio2energyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
BioAust Energy Pty LtdResearchAustralia
BioConstructors and Landfills ConsultantsPrivate SectorUnited States
Biodiversity Conservation and Protection LeagueResearchAsia
BioEarth Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
BioEnergy ConsultOtherPartnership-wide
BioEnergy Events and Services (Bees)Private SectorFrance
BIOFerm Energy SystemsPrivate Sector
Biofertilizers of PeruPrivate Sector
Biofuels Racing AllianceOtherPartnership-wide, North America, Brazil
Biog LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Biogas de JuarezPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Mexico
Biogas de NicaraguaResearchNicaragua
Biogas Energy SystemsPrivate SectorUnited States
Biogas Energyneering Co.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Middle East
Biogas Fuel Cell S.APrivate Sector
Bio-Gas Technologies, Ltd.Private SectorUnited States
Biogas Technology LtdPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
BiogasClean A/SPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Biogas-E vzwOther
Biogases AustralesPrivate Sector
BioGreen Engineering, LLCPrivate Sector
Bioland Environmental Protection Technology GroupPrivate SectorChina
BiomarginPrivate Sector
Biomass Green Fuels LLC.Private SectorUnited States
BioMaxx Systems Inc.Private Sector
Bionersis SAPrivate Sector
Bionova EngineeringPrivate Sector
Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Bioplastics, InternationalPrivate Sector
Bioprocess Control (Beijing Rep. Office)Private Sector
BioremPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
BioSphere PlasticsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Biosteris Specialties, Ltd.Private SectorAfrica
Biotec AsiaPrivate Sector
Biothermica Technologies, Inc.Private SectorCanada
BiotrixPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
BirdPrivate SectorNorth America, Canada
BJCECEPPrivate SectorAsia, China
Black River Asset ManagementFinancial Institution
Blair Air SystemPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Blev Bnefesh Carbon FinancePrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Blue Tip EnergyFinancial Institution
Bluefield Technology, Ltd.Private Sector
BluestonePrivate SectorUnited States
BOCPrivate Sector
Bose Research & Development Inc.Private Sector
BPPrivate Sector
Brazilian Association of Sanitation & Special Waste Companies (ABRELPE)OtherSouth America, Brazil
Brennan BristerResearchPartnership-wide
Brown, Vence and Associates, Inc.Private Sector
BSIPrivate Sector
BungePrivate Sector
Bveledza Solutions Pty. LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa
Byo-GonPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, United States
C Ris EnergyPrivate Sector
C TRADEPrivate SectorUnited States
California International Trade ConnectionPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Colombia
CalScan Services Ltd.Private Sector
Calscan Solutions - USAPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America, Canada
Calvert EnergyPrivate Sector
Camara Empresaria de Medio AmbienteNGOPartnership-wide
Cambridge Project Development, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Cameron Compression SystemsPrivate Sector
Cameroon Ministry of Energy and WaterGovernmentCameroon
Canadian Institute of Resources LawResearch
Canmet Energy Technology Centre (CETC)Research
Cape CarbonPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Australia/Oceania
Cap-Op EnergyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Cappy and Associates, Mex. SA de CVPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America, Mexico
Capstone Turbine CorporationPrivate Sector
Carbon Bank Ireland, Ltd.Financial Institution
Carbon Capital ManagementPrivate SectorAsia
Carbon Capital MarketsFinancial Institution
Carbon Credit CapitalPrivate Sector
Carbon International GroupPrivate Sector
Carbon Limits ASPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Carbon Management Consulting Ltd. ('CMC')Private SectorChina
Carbon Mootral ICOther
Carbon Way - Clean Development SolutionsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Brazil
Carbono EficientePrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, South America, Brazil
Carbono NeutralPrivate Sector
CarbotraderPrivate SectorBrazil
Carlisle Energy Services, Inc.Private Sector
Carver & AssociatesOtherUnited States
Caspervandertak ConsultingPrivate Sector
Cat Financial - Power Finance DivisionFinancial Institution
Catalytic Combustion CorporationPrivate Sector
Catalytic Products InternationalPrivate Sector
Caterpillar, Inc.Private SectorSouth America, Argentina, Colombia, India, Mexico, United States
Cavanaugh & AssociatesPrivate Sector
CDM Bank LtdFinancial Institution
CDM Consultant IndonesiaResearch
CDM Securities LtdPrivate Sector
CDM SmithPrivate SectorUnited States
CDX Gas LLCPrivate Sector
CDX InternationalPrivate Sector
Cecil Morgan ConsultingPrivate SectorUnited States
Cedar Road Bioenergy, Inc.Private Sector
CEERES Sp. z o.o.Private SectorEurope
Cemtrex IncPrivate Sector
Cenergy USA, Inc.Private SectorAfrica, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, South America
Centek Laboratories, LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, United States
Center for Alternative Resources, Authentic Technology Services (CARATS)NGOPartnership-wide
Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP)Research
Center for Health Protection and Environmental ProjectsGovernment
Center for Innovation and Development of Sustainable Energy (CIFES)GovernmentLatin America, South America
Center for Scientific and Industrial ResearchResearchAsia
Center of Activity Theory, University of HelsinkiResearch
Central Energy Fund (CEF) (Pty) LtdOtherSouth Africa
Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd (CMPDI)Private Sector
Central Mining InstituteResearchPoland
Centre for Development of Industries & Research (CDIR)Private Sector
CentrisysPrivate Sector
CEP-CITTAPrivate Sector
Ceres Associates GulfPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, United Kingdom
Ceres Associates Gulf LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
CETAC-WESTPrivate SectorCanada
CH2M Hill Canada Ltd.Private Sector
CH2M Hill IndiaPrivate Sector
CH4 SGPrivate SectorNorth America
CH4ngePrivate SectorPartnership-wide
CH4ProjectsPrivate SectorAfrica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, South America
Charmswood AgrotecOther
Chelyabenergosevice Ltd.Private Sector
Cheminfo Services Inc.Private SectorCanada
Cherkasytransgas Regional Pipeline DivisionPrivate Sector
Chicago Climate ExchangePrivate SectorUnited States
Chile - Ministry of EnergyGovernment
China Coal Strategies Research Center (CCSR)ResearchAsia
China Developments PlcPrivate Sector
China Environmental Engin. & Tech Research CenterGovernment
China University of Petroleum (UPC)Research
Cicon Environment Technologies Ltd.Private SectorIndia
CIFAL AtlantaOther
CINCS, Inc.Other
Circom Development CorporationPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
City of Albany, NYGovernment
Clarke Energy Pty LtdPrivate SectorAfrica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, India, Nigeria, United Kingdom
Clean Air Initiative for Asian CitiesGovernmentPhilippines
Clean Air Task ForceNGOPartnership-wide
Clean All Waste Energy TechnologiesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Clean DhakaPrivate SectorBangladesh
Clean EnergyNGOMongolia
Clean Tech SolutionsPrivate Sector
Clean TeQPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
CleanMetFuelPrivate Sector
ClearBlue MarketsPrivate Sector
Clearstone Engineering Ltd.Private Sector
ClimaLoopPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, European Commission, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam
Climate Action ReserveFinancial InstitutionPartnership-wide
Climate and Clean Air Coalition Municipal Solid Waste InitiativeInternational
Climate Change CapitalPrivate Sector
Climate Change Coordination CentreNGOAsia
Climate Change Research InstituteOtherPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia
Climate Mitigation WorksPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
Climate Options Group (COg)Private Sector
ClimateBridgePrivate Sector
ClimateWedgePrivate SectorUnited States
ClimeCo CorporationPrivate SectorUnited States
Clouston Energy Research, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
Club Biogaz - ATEEOtherPartnership-wide, Europe, European Commission
CO2 ImpactPrivate Sector
CO2 SolutionsPrivate SectorEurope, North America, South America
CO2ePrivate Sector
Coal Gas Technology Co. (CGT)Private SectorPartnership-wide
Coal Methane SolutionsPrivate Sector
Coal Seam Gas Exploration and Production ServicesPrivate Sector
Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas International Advisory CommitteeOtherPartnership-wide
CoEnergyPrivate Sector
Coherent GreenPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America
Colegio de Ingenieros Ambientales de MexicoOtherPartnership-wide
Colen Services LtdPrivate Sector
Colombian Council for Energy Efficiency (CCEE)NGO
Colombiana de MineralesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Colombia
Colorado Dept of Public Health & Environment - Air Pollution Control DivisionGovernmentNorth America, United States
Combustion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Combustion Research Associates (CRA)Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
COMM EngineeringPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, European Commission, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Viet
Commercial Industrial Delta South America (CIDELSA)Private SectorSouth America
Community Development ResearchNGOPartnership-wide, Africa, Ethiopia
Community Foundation Western ProvinceNGOPartnership-wide, Africa
Community Initiatives for Development & EnvironmentOtherAsia, Pakistan
Com-N-Power, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Compressor Engineering Corp. (CECO)Private SectorPartnership-wide, Mexico, United States
Compton GroupResearchNorth America, Australia, United States
Concord Engineering Inc.Private Sector
Confederation Of Indian IndustryPrivate Sector
ConocoPhillips - CanadaPrivate Sector
Conventions & Fairs (India) Pvt. Ltd.Private Sector
Core Carbon GroupPrivate SectorRussia, Ukraine
Corky's Carbon & Combustion Pty LtdPrivate Sector
Corporación CDT de GASResearchColombia
Cossacks & Co Attorneys At LawPrivate Sector
COWI ChinaPrivate Sector
COWI SNS Consulting and EngineeringPrivate Sector
COzero Pty. Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Crane Supply (A Division of Crane Canada Company)Private Sector
Cranfield UniversityResearch
Creative Environmental NetworkPrivate Sector
CriticalWireless CorporationPrivate Sector
Cryogenic Consulting Service, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
CSI IngenierosPrivate Sector
CSM Energy Pty Ltd.Private Sector
Curtin University, Centre for Research in Energy and Minerals EconomicsUniversity
Cyprus Oil and Gas AssociationAssociation
D & R Energy Services, Inc.Private Sector
D.B. Agro IndustriesPrivate Sector
Daed Waste ManagementPrivate Sector
Dan Region Association of TownsGovernment
DANONE GroupPrivate Sector
Dason TechnologyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
DATUMPrivate SectorUnited States
Davenport Finance CompanyFinancial Institution
DDA Canada EastPrivate Sector
DDMA Engenharia, Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento LtdaPrivate SectorSouth America, Brazil
Deep Industries LimitedPrivate Sector
Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority (DCDA)Government
Delhiraj Agro Foods & Beverages Pvt LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
DeloittePrivate Sector
Delta EngineeringResearch
Deneb SolutionsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Department of Mines & Energy, Queensland Gov.Government
DES ConsultingPrivate Sector
Desarrollar e Integrar SAPrivate Sector
Desert Research InstituteResearchPartnership-wide
DETES Engineering GmbHPrivate SectorGermany
DeumanPrivate SectorChile
Development Alternatives GroupOtherPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Devon EnergyPrivate Sector
Diamond Systems LLCPrivate Sector
Dipartimento di Energetica "Sergio Stecco" FirenzeResearchItaly
Direct Engineering LimitedPrivate SectorAfrica, Nigeria
Direct Technologies, LLCPrivate Sector
DisAmbiental LtdaOther
DLV BelgiumPrivate Sector
DMT Mobile ToiletsPrivate SectorNigeria
Doggone Responsible, LLCOther
Do-inc.Private Sector
DOMANIPrivate Sector
Dominion Energy OhioPrivate SectorNorth America
Douglas County, NEGovernmentPartnership-wide
Draco ScientificPrivate Sector
Drammen GassverkPrivate Sector
Drax Power LimitedPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
Durham Geo Slope IndicatorResearchPartnership-wide
Dürr Systems, Inc.Private Sector
DW Communications & MediaPrivate Sector
E+CoFinancial Institution
Earth Charter InternationalOtherSweden
Earth Energy ServicesPrivate Sector
Earth Savers Energy Makers Phil.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, Philippines
Eastern Power LimitedPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America, Canada
Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG)ContractorPartnership-wide, United States
EC Applications, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Ecco Projects Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, North America, Canada, European Commission, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States
Echnoserve (U.S.)Private Sector
Eco CorporatePrivate SectorIndia
Eco Energy Cities PlcPrivate Sector
Eco Energy s.r.lPrivate SectorEurope, Middle East
ECO OrganizationOtherGhana
Eco Tecnologie and ProcessiPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, Italy
EcoChain (Beijing) Science and Technology Co.,LtdPrivate SectorChina
Eco-CycleNGONorth America
EcoeyePrivate Sector
EcoFrontierPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
EcolkomPrivate SectorUkraine
Ecologic LLCPrivate Sector
Ecolution CapitalPrivate Sector
Ecomembrane, LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Econergy International CorporationPrivate Sector
Ecopetrol S.A.Private SectorLatin America
Ecos Medica Ltd.Private SectorBulgaria
Ecosambito Cia. Ltda.Private SectorEcuador
EcoSecurities, LtdPrivate SectorAsia, India
EcoSmartPlasticsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Eco-Solids International LimitedPrivate Sector
ecosurPrivate SectorFrance
ECOTECPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
EcotiedaPrivate SectorSouth America, Colombia
EcoVapor Recovery Systems (EcoVapor)Private SectorPartnership-wide, North America
Eco-Zone, Inc.OtherAfrica, North America, South America, Brazil, Germany, United States
ECP CONSULTINGPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Ecuadorian CDM Promotion Office - CORDELIMOther
Ecumed PetroleumPrivate Sector
eda Environmental Ltd.Private SectorCanada
Edelweiss CapitalPrivate Sector
Edgeboro International, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide, North America
EDL Group Operations Pty LtdPrivate SectorAustralia, United Kingdom, United States
Edmonton Waste Management Centre of ExcellenceOther
EDS USA LLCPrivate Sector
Edwards Industrial Equipment CorpPrivate SectorUnited States
EESTech, IncorporatedPrivate SectorAustralia
Effective Information, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
EHV EngineeringPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, United Kingdom
EISENMANN CorporationPrivate Sector
EKI Energy Services LimitedPrivate SectorAsia, India
EkoTech Energy LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
ElectraThermPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Electrigaz Technologies, Inc.Private SectorNorth America
ElectroCell Technologies, Inc.Private Sector
Element Markets, LLCPrivate Sector
Emergent Solar TechnologiesPrivate SectorUnited States
Emergent Ventures IndiaPrivate SectorIndia
Emerson Climate TechnologiesPrivate Sector
Emilaug Energy LimitedPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Nigeria
Emissions-Trader ET GmbHPrivate Sector
EMS GlobalPrivate Sector
Enalytic LLCResearch
EndesaPrivate Sector
EnEffect-Center for Energy EfficiencyNGOEurope, Bulgaria
ENER.G Natural Power LtdPrivate Sector
Enerco2Private SectorSouth America, Argentina
Enercon Engineering, Inc.Private Sector
Ener-Core, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America
EnergeticsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Australia/Oceania
Energetics DevelopmentPrivate Sector
Energium GH/GES IncPrivate SectorCanada
Energon Power & Gas Ltd.Private Sector
Energy & Communications Solutions, LLCPrivate Sector
Energy & Environment Business Services Ltd. (EEBS)Private SectorUnited Kingdom
Energy 2001, Inc.OtherUnited States
Energy and PowerPrivate Sector
Energy ChangesPrivate SectorGermany
Energy Environment & Development SocietyOtherPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Energy Industries of OhioNGO
Energy Markets GroupFinancial Institution
Energy Research AustriaResearch
Energy Resources International, IncPrivate Sector
Energy Strategy ConsultantsPrivate SectorSwitzerland
Energy VisionNGO
Energy-Guru.comPrivate SectorUnited States
EnergyWorx LtdPrivate Sector
Enerming SASResearchPartnership-wide, South America
EnerPro BiogasPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Europe, South America, Colombia, France
Enersus MexicoPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Latin America, Mexico
Eni S.p.A.Private SectorItaly
enSift Corp.Private SectorPartnership-wide
ENSO PlasticsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
ENSO Plastics, LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America
Enterprise Resources Systems Co., Ltd.Private Sector
Entrepreneurial Resources Group, LLC (ERG)Private Sector
Environment Action Pty LtdPrivate SectorAustralia
Environment Depot for Wasterwater to Energy Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Environment Engg & ControlPrivate SectorIndia
Environmental Control Systems, Inc.Private Sector
Environmental Fabrics, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Environmental Planning, Engineering, & ManagementPrivate Sector
Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation (EP&T)Private SectorUnited States
Environmental Protection Welfare Ass. of IndiaOtherPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, European Commission, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Environmental Reclamation Services LtdPrivate Sector
Environmental Resources Management, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Brazil, China, Colombia, Mexico, United States
Environmental Support ServicesResearchNigeria
Enviros Consulting, Ltd.Private Sector
Envirosys International Pvt. Ltd.Private SectorIndia
Enzen Global Solutions Pvt. LimitedPrivate Sector
EosensePrivate SectorCanada
EPI Ireland LimitedPrivate Sector
EPS Capital Corp.Private SectorEurope
EQSPrivate SectorUnited States
Eratech Chile Ltd.Private Sector
ESBI Carbon SolutionsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
Esmeralda Conceptions OrganizationPrivate SectorUnited States
EssentPrivate Sector
Ethan Bio FuelsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Ethiopia
EUCC - The Coastal UnionOtherPartnership-wide, United Kingdom
Eurogas UkrainePrivate Sector
European Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentFinancial InstitutionEurope, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom
Everest Agriculture and Farming Sdn BhdPrivate SectorMalaysia
Evonik New Energies GmbHPrivate Sector
EWS LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Excel Engineering, Inc.Private Sector
Excel Team Holdings LimitedPrivate Sector
EXeidea Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
Exquisitus Consulting, Inc.Private Sector
FABCO Power SystemPrivate Sector
Fagen, Inc.Private Sector
Farm Pilot Project Coordination, Inc.Other
Farmland Foods, Inc.Private Sector
Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) (UFSC)UniversityBrazil
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)OtherIndia
FertigazPrivate SectorFrance
Field Specialties Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
FilterSure Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Finning International Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Finnish Biogas AssociationOtherPartnership-wide
FirmGreen, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide, United States
First Exploration and Development ServicesPrivate SectorPhilippines
Fisher EnergyPrivate Sector
FlexEnergy, Inc.Research
Fluid Components International (FCI)Private SectorUnited States
FnBB Fachgruppe Biogas GmbHOtherGermany
Food Safety and Security ProjectOtherPartnership-wide
Fools Gold LLCPrivate SectorNorth America, United States
Force of the SunPrivate Sector
FortisFinancial Institution
Foundation for Greentech Environmental SystemsOtherIndia
Foundation for Research and Sustainable Development (FRSD)NGOPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Franatech GmbHPrivate SectorGermany
Francaise de L'energiePrivate SectorEurope
Friends for Life and Nature (FLN)OtherPartnership-wide, Africa
FSD - The Swiss Foundation for MineActionOtherPartnership-wide, Asia
FTH Resource Marketing IncPrivate Sector
Fuel CityPrivate Sector
Fundacion EntornoOtherPartnership-wide, Asia, Colombia
Fundación JapaOtherPartnership-wide, Dominican Republic
Fundacion Torcuato Di TellaOtherArgentina
Future Enviroassets, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
FWS Consultants Ltd.Private SectorUnited Kingdom
GAD EnvironmentalPrivate SectorChina
Gaia Consulting OyPrivate Sector
GAIL (India) LimitedPrivate SectorIndia
GandhipathagarOtherPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Gardes Energy Services Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Gas Data LtdPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
Gas Madre Tierra S.A. de C.VPrivate SectorMexico
Gas Separation Technology LLCPrivate Sector
Gas Technologies LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
GB Eco SolutionsPrivate SectorSouth America, Brazil
GBC GroupPrivate Sector
GC Environmental, Inc.Private Sector
GDT Tek, Inc.Private Sector
GE Capital Markets CorporatePrivate Sector
GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co KGPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, European Commission, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam
GEA Engineering, P.C.Private Sector
Gemidan EcogiPrivate SectorNorth America
Genegas S.A. De C.V.Private SectorPartnership-wide, North America, Mexico
General ElectricPrivate Sector
GENERONPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Geo Cost Management (GCM), LLCPrivate SectorAsia, North America, South America, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, India, Nicaragua, Philippines
Geo Drilling LimitedPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
geoconsultPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, China, Mexico, United States
GeoGas P/CPrivate Sector
Geomatics & Land Resource Lab - Trent UniversityResearchCanada
Geomembrane Technologies, Inc. (GTI)Private Sector
Geoprecision - Geotenologias & AgronegócioPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Brazil
Georgia Tech iGEM Team 2014Research
GeotechPrivate Sector
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.Private Sector
German Biogas and Bioenergy Society GERBIOOther
GFrizPrivate Sector
GHDPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Canada
GHG Accounting ServicesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Global Biofuels LimitedPrivate Sector
Global Biomass plcPrivate Sector
Global Edge Project ConsultingPrivate SectorAsia, South America
Global Energy TradingPrivate Sector
Global Green Power plcPrivate SectorPhilippines
Global Industrial DynamicsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, Poland
Global Network for Env. and Econ. Dev. ResearchOtherNigeria
Global OilPrivate SectorUnited States
Global Oil Flow International, LLCPrivate Sector
Global Relief FoundationOtherGhana
GM Engineers and AssociatesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, Philippines
GMR GroupPrivate Sector
Godrocks Interwaste Synergy LimitedPrivate Sector
GoHz Power Supply, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Golder Associates Inc.Private Sector
Goldman Sachs InternationalPrivate Sector
Good Name FoundationOtherNigeria
Grace Mission to the NationsNGOPartnership-wide, Africa
Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido UniversityResearchJapan
Green Barrel EnergyPrivate Sector
Green Concepts AssociatesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, United Kingdom
Green Domus Desenvolvimento Sustentável LtdaPrivate SectorBrazil
Green Enterprises LLPPrivate Sector
Green Fuels Corp.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Latin America, North America
Green Gas Energy, LLCPrivate Sector
Green Gas InternationalPrivate Sector
Green Group MexicoPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America, Mexico, United States
Green Innovation TechnologiesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, United States
Green Life Sri LankaOtherAsia, Argentina, Australia
Green Point EnergyPrivate Sector
Green Power Energy ConferencesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, United Kingdom
Green Power, Inc.Private SectorAsia, Indonesia
Green Stratos Consulting (P) Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia
GreenAir LtdPrivate Sector
Greenfiniti Consulting CanadaPrivate Sector
GreenflexPrivate Sector
GreenGasPrivate Sector
Greenhouse Gas Reduction InitiativeNGOAfrica, Nigeria
Greenhouse Gas Services - a GE AES VenturePrivate Sector
GreenMax Capital AdvisorsFinancial InstitutionPoland
Greennovative Chain LLCPrivate SectorAfrica, Asia, North America, South America, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, United States
GreenPath Energy LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
GreenPowerTek International LimitedPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Greentech Avenue Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Greentech Research LLCPrivate Sector
Greenway EcodevelopmentPrivate Sector
Greka GroupPrivate SectorChina
Grimmer IndustriesPrivate Sector
Grit Infotech Pvt LtdPrivate Sector
group15Private SectorAsia, Thailand
Growdiesel VenturesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
GRS ValtechPrivate Sector
Grupo Ambiental Amazonia Grama, C.A.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Grupo Empresarial Energia y Medio AmbientePrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America, Mexico
GSI Enterprises, LLCPrivate Sector
GT Environmental Finance, LLCFinancial InstitutionUnited States
Guizhou International Cooperation Center for Environmental Protection (GZICCEP)OtherPartnership-wide, Asia, China
Gulf Coast Environmental Systems LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, North America, South America, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Ukraine, United States
Gulf Coast Green EnergyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Habitat Enterprises Ltd.Private Sector
Haiti International Business CenterPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Hammoudeh GroupPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
Hamworthy Gas Systems ASPrivate Sector
Hanoi University of Science and TechnologyUniversityAsia, Vietnam
Harare Institute of TechnologyUniversity
HARC/Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems ProgramResearchPartnership-wide
Hartowijaya Pty LtdPrivate SectorAsia, Australia/Oceania
Harvest PridePrivate Sector
Harzyn Nuruu MongoliaPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America, United States
Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary InstituteResearchPartnership-wide
Hawaii Environmental Biosolutions, IncPrivate Sector
HAZTECPrivate Sector
HCS Group, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Heath Consultants Inc.Private SectorAfrica, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, European Commission, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom
Heaven Sent Energies, Inc.Private SectorPhilippines
Hellenic Solid Waste Management AssociationOtherGreece
Help and hopeOtherAsia, India
Highland Energy (N.S.) Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Him Rewenable Energy & Environment ConsultantsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Himark BioGas, Inc.Private Sector
Hitech Instruments LtdPrivate Sector
HolisteckPrivate Sector
Horn Africa Center for Research and Development (HACRED)NGOAfrica
Horn of Africa Regional Environment CentreNGO
HR GreenPrivate Sector
HSA GoldenPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
HY-BON Engineering Company, Inc.Private Sector
Hydro Geo Chem, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
IACX EnergyPrivate SectorUnited States
IAV Hassan 2ResearchPartnership-wide, Middle East
IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbHPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America
ICECAP Ltd.Private Sector
ICEED, NigeriaResearchNigeria
ICF International (ICF)ContractorUnited States
Idaho National LaboratoryResearch
IEA Clean Coal CentreOtherUnited Kingdom
IfbioPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico
IfUPrivate SectorGermany
IHTOtherPartnership-wide, Asia, Pakistan
IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Ltd.Private Sector
Illinois-Missouri Biotechnology AllianceResearchUnited States
IMP Environmental SolutionsPrivate Sector
Impacto Energia S.A.Private SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Brazil
IMW Industries Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide
IndequiposPrivate Sector
India Department of Environmental TechnologyResearchIndia
India Ministry of Petroleum and Natural GasGovernment
Indian Green Service (IGS)Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Indian Institute of Sustainable DevelopmentOtherIndia
Indian Institute of Technology DelhiOtherIndia
Indian Veterinary Research Institute (India)ResearchAsia, India
Industrial Technology Research InstituteOtherTaiwan
Industry Support Systems LimitedPrivate SectorNigeria
Infrastructure Development Finance Company LtdFinancial Institution
Ingeneria Integrada ApropriadaPrivate Sector
Ingenieria Aplicada Telecomunicaciones (I+A)Private SectorPartnership-wide, Latin America, South America
Ingersoll Rand Energy SystemsPrivate Sector
Inland Energy ServicesPrivate Sector
Innergy Tech Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Innovative Industrial Equipment Pvt LtdResearchPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Institute for Environmental Management, Inc.OtherUnited States, Egypt
Institute for Environmental StudiesResearch
Institute of Mining Science and Technology (IMSAT)Research
InsultechPrivate Sector
Integrated Development Association (IDEA)NGOPartnership-wide, Asia
Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc.Private SectorCanada
Integrated Network SolutionsPrivate Sector
Inter Proyec Ltda.Private Sector
International Bioenergy Research CenterResearchRepublic of Korea (South Korea)
International Center for Sustainable DevelopmentOther
International Eco-RescuePrivate Sector
International Energy Agency (IEA)Other
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)Other
International Met (Intermet) SystemsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America
International Renewable Resources Institute - Mexico (IRRI)OtherPartnership-wide, Mexico
International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)Other
International SolutionsPrivate Sector
International Utility Efficiency Partnerships, IncPrivate SectorUnited States
InterTradeProPrivate Sector
Intertranstechno FZCPrivate SectorEurope
Inversiones Guacamaya HondurasPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
IonasisPrivate SectorAsia, Indonesia
IrbarisPrivate SectorAfrica, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
IRT Consult Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.Private SectorJapan
Istanbul Technical University (ITU)UniversityTurkey
ITCOT Consultancy and Services Ltd.Government
ITT CorporationPrivate SectorNorth America, South America, United States
J.C. Grant Commercial FinanceFinancial Institution
Jackson Hole Center for Global AffairsOther
Jamia Millia Islamia University, New DelhiResearchPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Company LimitedPrivate Sector
Janechek & AssociatesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Japan Coal Energy CenterResearch
Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryGovernmentAsia, Indonesia
JAPAN NUS Co., Ltd.ResearchJapan
Japan Resouces Dept., JCOALResearchJapan
JD Energy Systems Sdn BhdPrivate Sector
JGC CorporationOther
John Zink Hamworthy CombustionPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, Indonesia
Jose Luis DavilaPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
JPB Holdings, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
JSC National CompanyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Juan Manuel Lopez H. - Consultor AmbientalResearchPartnership-wide, South America
Julius Kewir TangkaResearchCameroon
K. National TradersOtherAsia, Pakistan
Kaifa Performa KapitalNGOPartnership-wide
Karadeniz Technical University, Mining and Engineering DepartmentResearchEurope, Turkey
Kassinga (W.A.), Inc.Financial InstitutionAfrica, Nigeria
Katahdin Energy WorksPrivate Sector
Katowicki Holding Weglowy SA (KHW)Private SectorPoland
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.Private Sector
Kazakhstan Trade ConsultantsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
KBS Certification Services Pvt LtdPrivate Sector
KCI Technologies, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
KEMA ConsultingPrivate Sector
Kenya Department of Renewable Energy, Min. of EnergyGovernmentArgentina
Kesari Renewal EnergiesPrivate SectorAsia, India
Kimley-HornPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
KINEK LtdPrivate SectorUkraine
Kirvadi Green pvt Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Klein Dassenberg Pure EnergyResearchAfrica
Klinserve Environmental SolutionsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Nigeria
KLMCo, Inc.Private Sector
KOE Environmental Consultancy, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Korea National Oil CorporationGovernmentRepublic of Korea (South Korea)
Kraft Power CorporationPrivate SectorNorth America, United States
KS Industry Co., Ltd.Private Sector
Kwality Boot HousePrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
KYOTOenergy Pte LtdPrivate SectorSingapore
L.N.KPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe
Lakes EnvironmentalResearchCanada
Lanco GroupPrivate Sector
Landfill Gas and Power Pty LtdPrivate Sector
Landfill Gas RecoveryPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Landfill Gas Ukiah Task ForceGovernment
LandGas Technology, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
LANDTEC North America, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Lansing Regional Sister Cities CommissionOther
Lars Enviro Pvt. Ltd.Private SectorAsia, Australia/Oceania, Middle East, India
Latin America CO2 Climate Exchange S.A.Private Sector
Leak Finder, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Leak Surveys, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Learn Nature ComputechPrivate Sector
LessPrivate Sector
LFG OntarioPrivate Sector
LFG Technologies, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
LG International Corp.Private Sector
LI-COR BiosciencesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
LiDAR Services International Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Limestone Partners, LLCPrivate Sector
Lincolnshire County CouncilGovernment
Linde AGPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe
Linde LLCPrivate Sector
Livestock Environmental DevelopmentGovernment
LMSPrivate SectorAustralia
Louis Berger GroupPrivate Sector
Louisiana Tech UniversityResearch
LumaSense TechnologiesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, European Commission, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam
Lumina energiaPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Lungagas Pty LTDPrivate SectorAustralia
M/S TCE Consulting Engineers Ltd.Private SectorIndia
Mack Glass LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Macquarie Bank LimitedFinancial Institution
Magenta Global Pte LtdPrivate Sector
Magic Green SolutionsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe
Maharishi Dayanand Gosamwardhan KendraOtherIndia
MAILHEM IKOS Environmental Pvt LtdPrivate Sector
Managing Emissions Pvt LtdPrivate SectorAfrica, Asia, South America
Mannvit EngineeringPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Manure to Natural GasPrivate Sector
Maq Energy ServicesPrivate SectorAfrica
Marshall Miller & Associates, Inc.Private Sector
Martin Construction Resource LLC (formerly RCM)Private SectorPartnership-wide
Marubeni CorporationPrivate SectorJapan
Matale Enriched CompostOther
Mater NaturaNGO
Mavi ConsultantsPrivate SectorTurkey
McGill & AssociatesOther
McLellan and Partners LtdPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
Mecanosa Systems S.A.Private Sector
MEGTEC Systems, Inc.Private Sector
Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.Private Sector
Mercados Energy Markets IndiaPrivate SectorAsia, India
Mercator Lines Ltd.Private SectorIndia
Mercy FoundationOtherUnited States
Meru Kapital Pvt.Ltd.Financial InstitutionPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Merzbach Carbon Finance LLCFinancial Institution
Merzbach Group, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
Mesra Alam International Sdn. Bhd.Financial Institution
Metan Ltd.Private SectorIceland
Meter MatePrivate SectorSouth Africa
MetGas IndustriesPrivate SectorNorth America, Canada, United States
Methane Emissions Leadership AlliancePrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America
Methane to Users Cooperative Ltd. (M2U Coop)Private Sector
Metro VancouverGovernmentCanada
Metro Waste Handling Pvt. Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Mexico Servicios Medioambientales, SA de CVPrivate Sector
MGM InnovaPrivate Sector
MidAmerican Energy Co.Private Sector
Midori Environmental SolutionsPrivate Sector
MIECOFT Consultants & ServicesPrivate SectorIndia
Minerales Monclova, S.A. de C.V. (MIMOSA)Private Sector
Minerals Management ServiceGovernment
Ministry of Energy of IranGovernmentIran
Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and HerzegovinaGovernmentPartnership-wide
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD)GovernmentChina
Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA)Government
Mission Point Capital PartnersPrivate Sector
Mitchell Energy GroupPrivate Sector
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.Private SectorJapan
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.Financial Institution
MJ Consult LTDA.Private SectorBrazil
MM AquaPrivate Sector
Modern Technology MethodsPrivate SectorNorth America, United States
Mor HydroPrivate SectorLatin America, Mexico
MotivEarth, LLCPrivate Sector
Motunrayo Martins & Co (Legal Practitioners)Private SectorPartnership-wide, Africa
mPowered Technology Inc.Private Sector
MTM Capital Partners LimitedFinancial InstitutionUnited Kingdom
Municipality of ValladolidGovernmentMexico
MWH saPrivate SectorBelgium
MWM GmbHPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
My AfricaResearchUnited States
Nashik Municipal CorporationGovernment
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)OtherPartnership-wide
National Energy Research Center (NERC)Research
National Energy SolutionsPrivate Sector
National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)ResearchIndia
National Mining AssociationOther
National Taitung UniversityResearchTaiwan
National University of Science & Technology (NUST)ResearchAsia, Pakistan
National University of the Center of the Buenos Aires Province (UNICEN)UniversityArgentina
National Waste & Recycling AssociationOther
Natsource LLCPrivate Sector
Navyug Sewa SansthanNGOPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Neostar Green EnergyPrivate Sector
Nepal Agricultural Research CouncilResearchNepal
New Brunswick Department of EnergyGovernment
New Energy & Industrial Technology Development OrgOther
New Energy Capital InvestFinancial InstitutionPartnership-wide, Austria
New World AgriculturePrivate Sector
Newport Recycling Corp dba AR WastePrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America, United States
NGV GlobalOtherPartnership-wide, Australia/Oceania
NGVA EuropeOtherPartnership-wide
Nicaraguan Cleaner Production CenterOther
Niko Consult Nigeria LtdPrivate SectorNigeria
Ningbo Environment and Sanitation Management OfficeGovernment
Nippon Steel CorporationPrivate Sector
NL AgencyGovernmentPartnership-wide
Non-Conventional Energy & Rural Dev. SocietyOtherIndia
North American World Trade, Ltd.Private Sector
North China Electric Power UniversityResearch
Northeast Energy SystemsPrivate SectorUnited States
Northeast Oklahoma Technologies, Inc.Private Sector
Northern Uganda Pig-Breeding & Multiplication ProjOther
Northwest Fuel Development, Inc.Private Sector
Norwegian University for Natural Sciences & Tech.ResearchAfrica, Europe, North America, South America, Canada, Colombia, Nigeria
Norwest CorporationPrivate Sector
Nouveau Energy Management ServicesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Pakistan
Nova Geotechnical and Inspection ServicesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Novagon Ltd.Private SectorIsrael
Novena UniversityUniversityAfrica, Nigeria
NPB AssociatesPrivate SectorUnited States
Numark Associates, Inc.Private SectorChile
NuonPrivate Sector
Nutawa saglPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Nuworld Research and DevelopmentResearchCanada
nxG EnergyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Oasis Energy Productions LLCPrivate Sector
Oasis ProductionsPrivate Sector
Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Oxy)Private Sector
OctaformPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Oda Bultum UniversityUniversityPartnership-wide, Africa, Ethiopia
Offsets Harvest CorpFinancial InstitutionPartnership-wide
Offsetters Clean Technology Inc.Private Sector
Ogin Biogas B.V.Private Sector
Ogooue Global, LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa
Ohio State University, ColumbusUniversity
Oil Gas CBM Services Pty LtdPrivate SectorAustralia
Oil Industry Safety DirectorateGovernmentIndia
Oil Production Research Inst. ShengLi Oil FieldGovernmentAustralia/Oceania, Colombia, Dominican Republic
OLEEV GroupPrivate SectorUnited States
Omega Micro ServicesPrivate Sector
oneVillage FoundationOther
Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)Government
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural AffairsGovernmentCanada
OPRA TurbinesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Optimum Gem ProductsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
OrbeoPrivate Sector
Organic Power LtdPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
Organic Waste Technologies (HK) Limited (OWT)Private Sector
Organics Group plcPrivate SectorThailand
OriGen Climate PartnersPrivate Sector
Ortadogu EnerjiPrivate Sector
ORVECONPrivate SectorEcuador
Osaka Gas Co., LtdPrivate SectorJapan
OTA AssociatesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, India
Pact, Inc.Other
Pais MineroResearch
Pan African Vision for the Environment(PAVE)OtherNigeria
PARENINPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Parhelion Underwriting LtdPrivate Sector
Partners in Poverty AlleviationOtherGhana
Pastoralists of Tanzania Climate Change AllianceOtherKenya
Patervis SRLPrivate Sector
Pathways of Hope, Inc.Research
Patriot Well Solutions LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Pentagon Technology Co LtdOtherAfrica
Perspectives Climate ChangePrivate SectorGermany
Petroland Nigeria LimitedPrivate SectorNigeria
Petroleum Club of RomaniaOtherRomania
Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)Other
Petrolinvest DDPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Petromin Resources Ltd.Private SectorCanada
Phasis ConsultingPrivate Sector
Philippine Rice Research InstituteResearchPartnership-wide, Asia, Philippines
Picarro, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
PICCDMPrivate Sector
Pilot International LTD.Private Sector
Pipeline Pressure Isolation Group (PipePIG) LLCPrivate Sector
Pizzo S.A.Private Sector
PK Ores Private Ltd.Financial InstitutionPartnership-wide
PlanIt Green Sustainable Energy Development, LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Plant Process Equipment Inc.Private SectorUnited States
PlasmaTech Caribbean CorporationPrivate Sector
PLURITECPrivate Sector
POCH Ambiental S.APrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Chile
Point CarbonPrivate Sector
Pollux ConsultingPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Pondicherry Engineering CollegeResearchIndia
Positive Energy Alternatives, LLCPrivate SectorNorth America, United States
Powergen Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.Research
PPE Machtron Co, LtdPrivate SectorThailand
PrestelsPrivate SectorAsia, India
PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt LtdPrivate Sector
Prime Energy InvestmentsFinancial Institution
PRM Energy Systems, Inc.Private SectorAsia, Thailand
Pro2 Anlagentechnik GmbHPrivate Sector
Pro-Act MicrobialPrivate Sector
Project Navigator, Ltd.Private Sector
Prometheus Energy CompanyPrivate Sector
Promigas S.A. ESPPrivate SectorColombia
Promotora Ambiental SAB de C.V.Private Sector
Prospector Drilling and Tool Co., Inc.Private Sector
PRUHESAPrivate SectorMexico
PT Gikoko Kogyo IndonesiaPrivate Sector
Puralab s.r.o.Private SectorPartnership-wide
PVG GmbH - Resources Services & ManagementPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
QED Environmental Systems, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
Qingdao Technological UniversityResearch
Quality TonnesResearchArgentina
Quanelle, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
Quantum Dynamics Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
QuarrysolvePrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Australia/Oceania
Queensland Resource CouncilOtherAustralia
Quest IntegratedResearchUnited States
Questor Technology Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Quintessence BiogasOtherPartnership-wide, Africa, Nigeria
Ramboll EnvironPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
Random Dynamic Resources LtdPrivate Sector
RandTechPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Raven Engineered FilmsPrivate SectorUnited States
Raven KnightPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa
Raven Ridge Resources, Inc. (RRR)ContractorUnited States
RC-WEE SolutionsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Real Environmental ProductsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
RealEnergy, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
RedBioLACNGOLatin America
Reftrics, S.L.Private Sector
Regional Environmental Centre for Central AsiaNGO
Reliance Industries LimitedPrivate SectorIndia
Remuch Energy, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Renetech ABPrivate SectorEurope
Renew EnergyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America
Renewable Energy Agency (REA)NGOUkraine
Renewable Energy AssociationOtherUnited Kingdom
Renewable Hydrogen PartnersOther
RenGen EnergyPrivate Sector
RenGEN, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
RENTEC Renewable Energy Technologies Inc.Private Sector
Research &Supervisory Centre of Underground MiningPrivate SectorPoland
Research Institute for Humanity and NatureResearchPartnership-wide, Asia, Japan
Resource Enterprises, Inc. (REI)Private Sector
Resource Mobilization AdvisorsNGOPartnership-wide
Retech Energy Co.Ltd.Private Sector
Re-Tech Solution Co., Ltd.(RTS)Private Sector
RFIFinancial Institution
Richardson, Richter & AssociatesPrivate Sector
Right Path ProjectsNGOPartnership-wide
Rio Tinto Coal AustraliaPrivate Sector
Riverstone Environmental Sdn BhdPrivate SectorAsia
RNK Capital LLCPrivate Sector
Ro-Flo Compressors, LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Rolls-RoycePrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Rompré & associésPrivate SectorCanada
RPS Group plcPrivate Sector
Ruby Canyon Engineering, Inc.(RCE)Private SectorPartnership-wide, United States
Run Energy LPPrivate SectorUnited States
Rural Development OrganizationOtherIndia
Rural Environment Development SocietyNGOAsia, India
Rutherford Collins LtdPrivate Sector
Rwanda Environment ProjectOtherRwanda
RWTH Aachen UniversityResearchGermany
S.A. Power Utilities Pvt. Ltd.Private SectorAsia, India
Safety Technologies LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Russia, Ukraine
Safety Technologies, Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Russia, Ukraine
Sagacity, IncPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, United States
Sage Environmental Consulting, LPPrivate Sector
Saint Thomas UniversityUniversity
Sankalpa TrustOther
SansuyPrivate Sector
Saras Environment Consultant (SEC)Private SectorPartnership-wide
Satyam Inds Pvt. ltd.Private SectorIndia
SBGIOtherUnited Kingdom
Scale UpOtherAsia, Indonesia
Scientific Aviation, Inc.Private Sector
Scientific DrillingPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
Scientific Engineering Centre (SEC) "Biomass" Ltd.Private Sector
Score Diagnostics LimitedPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell AssociationPrivate Sector
SCS EngineersContractorPartnership-wide, North America, United States
Sea Breeze PowerPrivate Sector
SEAF Cleantech Deployment FundFinancial InstitutionPartnership-wide
Sealweld CorporationPrivate Sector
SEE Tech Solution Pvt. LtdPrivate SectorIndia
Seoul National UniversityResearch
Separating Waste Solutions ccResearch
Settlement Planning AssociatesPrivate Sector
Shalin FinlandNGOPartnership-wide, Africa
Shanghai BCCY New Power Industry Co. LtdPrivate Sector
Shanghai Haiting Environmental Co. LtdPrivate SectorChina
Shanxi HYPrivate SectorChina
Sharp Electrical Services, Inc.Private SectorNigeria
Sharyn Gol Energy LLCPrivate Sector
SHEC LABS-Solar Hydrogen Energy CorporationPrivate Sector
Shipman Agricultural Productions, LLCFinancial InstitutionUnited States
Short Creek FarmPrivate SectorUnited States
Shree Gau Sanrakshan Va Anusandhan SansthaResearchAsia
Shreyans Energy Private LimitedPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)Private Sector
SIBICOPrivate SectorRussia
Siento Energy Investment Consulting Co., LtdPrivate Sector
Siluria Technologies, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
SIMARS M SA DE CVPrivate Sector
Sindicatum Carbon CapitalFinancial Institution
Sinocal Petroleum Technologies, Inc.Private Sector
Sistemas de Energia Internacional SA de CV (SEISA)Private Sector
SKG SanghaOther
Smallholders FoundationOtherAfrica, Nigeria
Sneha EnterprisesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, India
Sniffer RoboticsPrivate Sector
SNV Netherlands Development OrganisationNGOPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, South America, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
Society for Environment & Workers Alliance (SEWA)OtherIndia
Soil & More International B.V.Private SectorNetherlands
Sojitz CorporationPrivate Sector
Sol-Air SystemsPrivate Sector
Solar Turbines IncorporatedPrivate Sector
Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)Other
Solid Waste GroupResearchSouth America, Chile
Solusi Mitra Integrasi TeknologiPrivate Sector
Solutions Using Renewable Energy (SURE) Inc.Private SectorAsia, Philippines
Søndre Helgeland Miljøverk IKSPrivate Sector
SOPAN O & M Co. Pvt. Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
South Africa Department of Minerals and EnergyGovernment
South Coast Products/ChemolaPrivate SectorUnited States
South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.Private SectorSwitzerland
Southern Cross Agricultural DevelopmentsPrivate SectorAustralia
Spark Green EnergyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
SPS Rural Development CenterPrivate Sector
SR GreentechPrivate Sector
State of Utah - USTARGovernment
STEAG encotec India Pvt LtdPrivate Sector
STM Power, Inc.Private Sector
StormFisher BiogasPrivate Sector
Strategic Venture Fund LtdFinancial Institution
Stratos Multimedia LLCPrivate Sector
Stratus Consulting, Inc.Contractor
Sulfur Recovery Engineering Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
SUMA America, Inc.Private Sector
Summerleaze RE-GenerationPrivate SectorUnited Kingdom
SUN - Society for the UnderprivilegedOtherIndia
Suncurrent S.A. de CVPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Latin America, North America, South America, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua
Sunkissed GroupPrivate Sector
Suraj Inamdar Business ConsortiumPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Pgm.OtherPartnership-wide
Sustainable Alternatives (Pvt) LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
Sustainable Energy AssociatesPrivate SectorUnited States
Sustainable Technology For Rural and Urban DevelopOtherPartnership-wide
Sustentable SRLPrivate Sector
Sydney University Sustainable Technology LabResearch
Syrinix LtdPrivate Sector
SysEne ConsultingPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
T3MAPrivate Sector
Taiwo Adewole and AssociatesResearchPartnership-wide, Africa, Nigeria
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, IndiaResearchIndia
Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Tamilnadu Agricultural UniversityResearchIndia
Tara Technology SystemsPrivate SectorNorth America
Tatonka ResourcesPrivate SectorUnited States
TCH Directional DrillingPrivate SectorUnited States
Team SustainPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Technofin Consultants Private LimitedPrivate Sector
TECMED Tecnicas Medioambientales de MexicoPrivate Sector
TECNA S.A.Private Sector
Tecnologia Ambiental de Mexico SA de CVGovernmentNorth America, South America, Mexico
TekKraftPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, China, India, Pakistan, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
TelopsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) LimitedPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Terra Engineering & Construction CorporationPrivate Sector
TerraVerdae BioWorks Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
TerraWest Energy Corp.Private SectorCanada
TESCORPPrivate SectorNorth America
TesistaResearchPartnership-wide, South America, Peru
Tetra Tech SWEPrivate SectorNorth America, United States
Tetra Tech, Inc.ContractorPartnership-wide
TFSFinancial InstitutionUnited Kingdom
Thai Biogas Energy CompanyPrivate Sector
The Aerospace CorporationPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America
The Autonomous Regional Government of the Atlantic SouthGovernmentPartnership-wide, South America, Nicaragua
The Business AlliancePrivate SectorIndia
The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.Private SectorJapan
The Coal AuthorityOther
The Communications Design GroupPrivate SectorNorth America
The Corporate Council on AfricaOtherUnited States
The Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of UkraineResearchPartnership-wide, Europe, Ukraine
The GreenhousePrivate Sector
The Groundwater FoundationOtherUnited States
The LEVON Group, LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of UkraineUniversityUkraine
The Oikos Trust for Env. Management (TOTEM)OtherIndia
The University of Tokyo - Institute of Environmental StudiesResearch
The World BankFinancial InstitutionUnited States
Thiess Pty LtdPrivate Sector
TIS Eco Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide
TKS Control SystemsPrivate Sector
TMM IndustriesPrivate Sector
Torresolar SRLPrivate Sector
Total CBM Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.Private Sector
Toyo Energy CorporationPrivate SectorJapan
Toyo Engineering CorporationPrivate SectorJapan
Trade plus AidOtherPartnership-wide
TRANS TECHPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America
Trans-Atlantic Environmental, Inc. (TAE)NGOPartnership-wide, Africa
Transparency and Economic Development Initiatives (TEDI)NGO
Trexler Climate + Energy Services, Inc.Private Sector
Tri County Refrigeration IncPrivate Sector
Tri-Chandra CollegeResearchNepal
Trolex LtdPrivate Sector
TrueStar International, Ltd.Private Sector
Tryby Energy, Minerals and Environmental Corporation (TEMEC)Private SectorUnited States
Tryton EnterprisePrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Tú TransformasPrivate Sector
Turner County DairyPrivate SectorUnited States
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower SystemsPrivate Sector
TÜV-SÜD Industry Service / Carbon ManagementPrivate Sector
U.N. Dept. of Economic and Social AffairsGovernment
U.S. Commercial ServiceGovernment
U.S. Department of Commerce, Energy & EnvironmentGovernment
U.S. Department of InteriorGovernment
U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Office of EnergyGovernment
U.S. Energy Services, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
U.S. Senate Commerce CommitteePrivate Sector
UEM GroupPrivate Sector
UK CoalOther
Ukraine Agency for Rational Energy Use and Ecology (ARENA-ECO)NGO
UN Economic Commission for EuropeOther
UnicampResearchSouth America, Brazil
Unigate Forwarding India Pvt LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Unison Solutions, Inc.Private SectorUnited States
United Engines LLCPrivate Sector
United Nations Development ProgrammeOther
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)Other
United SecuritiesFinancial Institution
Universal Agriculture Empowerment and Development InitiativeNGOPartnership-wide, Africa, Nigeria
Universal Automation Private LimitedPrivate SectorAsia
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de HidalgoResearchMexico
Universidad Politechnica de Nicaragua (UPOLI)ResearchPartnership-wide
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa MariaResearchPartnership-wide
Universiti Putra MalaysiaUniversityMalaysia
University EANUniversityLatin America, Colombia
University of Central FloridaResearchUnited States
University of GlamorganResearchUnited Kingdom
University of GreenwichResearch
University of LethbridgeUniversityPartnership-wide
University of MiskolcResearchHungary
University of NottinghamUniversityUnited Kingdom
University of Port Harcourt, NigeriaUniversityPartnership-wide, Africa, Nigeria
University of SantanderUniversityPartnership-wide, South America
University of South FloridaResearchPartnership-wide, South America
UNO IngenieríaPrivate SectorSouth America, Argentina
Urban Council - BalangodaGovernmentAsia
Urja Bio SystemsPrivate SectorIndia
URMO Ingeniería Integral, SAPrivate SectorMexico
URS CorporationPrivate Sector
USDA Natural Resources Conservation ServiceGovernment
Valerus Compression L.P.Private Sector
Vallmitjana & Company Consulting ServicesPrivate SectorArgentina
Val-TexPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Vanquish Energies (pvt) LTDPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, Pakistan
Vapor Recovery Solutions, LLCPrivate Sector
Vayam Technologies LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Canada, China, European Commission, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam
Veda Climate Change Solutions Ltd.OtherIndia
Venture EnergyPrivate SectorCameroon
VerambexPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Vernon B. BerrymanPrivate SectorUnited States
Verona Development Corp.Private Sector
Verso EnergyPrivate SectorAustralia/Oceania
Verve Consulting Pvt. Ltd.Private Sector
Via ExpoPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe
Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and EnvironmentResearchPartnership-wide, Asia, Vietnam
ViogazPrivate SectorSouth America
Viper DronesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Vireo EnergyPrivate SectorAfrica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, South America, United States
Vireo Energy ABPrivate Sector
Virgin Botanicals LtdResearchPartnership-wide, Africa
Vision Techniques LtdPrivate Sector
Vitol LtdPrivate Sector
Viva Energies SAPrivate Sector
VMIC Pvt. Ltd.Private Sector
W&Y Environmental International Inc.Private SectorCanada
W. R. Henderson Construction, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Waste Energy Technology, LLC.Private Sector
Waste Management PakistanPrivate SectorPakistan
Waste Solutions AustraliaPrivate Sector
Waste to Energy Pte LtdPrivate Sector
Waste To Energy, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
WasteCare AssociatesPrivate Sector
Wastecorp Pumps LLCPrivate SectorUnited States
Wastepro LimitedPrivate Sector
Water Environment Federation (WEF)AssociationPartnership-wide, United States
WES Tech Inc.Private SectorSouth America, Colombia
Wheig SASPrivate SectorAsia
Wilson CenterInternationalChina
Winrock InternationalNGO
Women Foundation for Ag., Env., and HealthOtherAfrica, United States
World Alliance for Decentralized EnergyOtherPartnership-wide, United States
World Business Council on Sustainable DevelopmentOther
World Leaders Symposium CommitteeOtherUnited States
World Safety Inc.OtherUnited States
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)NGOPartnership-wide
WYG EnvironmentalPrivate Sector
Xebec Adsorption Inc.Private Sector
Yanbian University, ChinaResearch
Yayasan Bina Usaha LingkunganPrivate SectorIndonesia
Yekta Edeh SharghPrivate SectorMiddle East
YNG Environ ConsultantsPrivate SectorIndia
Yonder InvestmentPrivate Sector
Yunnan EcoNetworkOther
Zero Emissions Technologies, S.A.Private SectorEurope
Zhytomyr National Agroecological UniversityUniversityUkraine
ZIA Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc.Private Sector
Ziegler Power SystemsPrivate Sector
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