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BioCycle REFOR19: Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling


28–31 October 2019

Location: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Organizer: BioCycle

Event Details:

BioCycle REFOR19 is an annual U.S. conference that brings together biogas industry experts to collaborate and explore new opportunities, solve core challenges, explore solutions and share biogas production, market digestate, and nutrient practices. 

This year’s 4-day conference included workshops, technical sessions, exhibits, and site tours. Topics included:
  • Business and logistics of renewable natural gas from anaerobic digestion facilities
  • Project Development, Financing
  • Feedstocks, Materials Handling
  • AD + Composting Symbiosis
  • Biogas and Digestate markets
Participants had many opportunities to network with other individuals in the anaerobic digestion and renewable energy industries. 

Visit the event website for more information:

In addition, the Global Methane Initiative’s (GMI) Biogas Subcommittee held its annual meeting in conjunction with the BioCycle REFOR19 conference on Monday, October 28 at the Madison Marriott West Hotel (1313 John Q Hammons Drive, Middleton, Wisconsin USA).  More details about the GMI Biogas Subcommittee meeting are available on the GMI website

Industry Sector: Biogas, Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste, Wastewater

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