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Source Facility and BioCity 

Meeting the Methane Challenge

Source Facility and BioCity contribute to methane mitigation by capturing and using biogas from cow dung and agricultural residue. Additionally, because their projects offer an alternative use for crop residues that are typically burned in fields, they are helping to reduce black carbon emissions and protect local air quality.
Source Facility and BioCity are complementary companies established to address the operational challenges of biogas systems and meet the energy and fertilizer demands in India. Source Facility is a third-party operator of biodigester systems and manages the day to day operations of large-scale biodigesters. The company develops key relationships with local farmers and waste producers to source feedstocks and manages the digester operations and production of high-quality biogas. BioCity markets and distributes the biogas and biofertilizer products to end users in rural and urban communities across India. It is an innovative business model that improves projects’ economic, environmental and social output through the entrepreneurs’ involvement in all stages of biogas and biofertilizer production and use.

Source Facility

works with owners of existing or planned biodigesters by:

  • Aggregating and supplying feedstock, including cow dung, sugar cane milling residue (press mud), and other agricultural residues
  • Analyzing feedstock chemistry to optimize biogas production
  • Providing an on-site technician to ensure proper operations
  • Building relationships with local farmers and waste production facilities to source feedstocks and creating new jobs and income for rural communities
Biodigester Cylinders for biogas Fertilizer

Source Facility currently operates three biodigester facilities in India, with a combined design capacity of more than 110 tonnes/day. These facilities process manure from up to 2,000 cows from farms within 20 km of each project and can produce up to 9,000 m3 of biogas per day. The facilities can also co-digest press mud from sugar cane mills and other agricultural residues.


Markets and distributes biogas and biofertilizer produced by the facilities operated by Source Facility. BioCity supports local communities by:

  • Providing 2,500 kg per day of compressed biogas to local restaurants for cooking, manufacturers for production fuel, and others for vehicle fuel
  • Providing logistical support to transport the products to end users
  • Providing technical support to end users to ensure safe use of the gas
  • Meeting the fertilizer needs of rural and urban India

About the Project Developers

Source Facility and BioCity were founded by Abhishek Handa and Akshay Asija, entrepreneurial project developers based in India. Handa and Asija intend to scale their business by identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies and operations at other low-performing biodigester facilities in addition to continuing to invest in their own facilities. They noted that access to financing is key to future growth of biodigester development in India.

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