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Solucycle: On-site Food Waste Recovery to Biogas 

Solucycle establishes strategies for managing food waste for Canadian restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and shopping centers. Solucycle installs their “SoluRobot” in each facility’s kitchen.

The SoluRobot grinds food waste and routes it through a pipe to an outdoor storage tank. When full, a local partner collects the waste from the storage tank and takes it to a biogas plant for conversion into biogas. The SoluRobot can process 682 kilograms of organic matter per hour, and the system provides analytical reports that allow tracking and reporting of greenhouse gas reductions.

The system allows restaurants and caterers to save time and money in managing their waste. In sectors where labor is short, like catering, the SoluRobot can reduce the time spent on waste management by 90 percent. The payback period of the Solucycle system is estimated to be 12 to 36 months, depending on a specific facility’s practices. Potential applications for the Solucycle system also include high-rise apartment buildings and other residential buildings.

Solucycle is helping organizations:

  • Increase profit margins by more efficiently managing food waste and recovering space dedicated to waste management (e.g., a Quebec City shopping center was able to recover 2,000 square feet by adopting the Solucycle system)
  • Enhance kitchen operations by removing garbage bins, odors, and vermin
  • Measure food waste production
  • Divert organic waste from landfills to facilities that generate biogas from the waste

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