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Process Ecology Inc., Process Optimization at Glycol Dehydration Facilities 

Process Ecology Inc. helps oil and gas facilities meet emissions regulations and adopt sustainable technologies. Process Ecology gathers data and measurements every year on more than 2,000 operating facilities and generates internal annual reports that highlight the year-to-year emission reductions. Their approach uses detailed engineering calculations, coupled with the regular sampling and analysis of gas compositions, to track and optimize the performance of oil and gas operating facilities

Figure 1. Potential fuel gas savings identified at twelve dehydration plants. Figure 2. Potential cumulative savings for twelve dehydration units.

Process Ecology Inc.’s products provide oil and gas facilities with:

  • Cloud-based tools to identify sustainability opportunities
  • Flaring, venting, and methane emission management
  • Natural gas processing and simulation
  • Efficient water management in hydraulic fracking
  • Natural Resource Canada energy efficiency and heat recovery training
Process Ecology estimates that their efforts result in reductions of approximately 400,000 TCO2e per year, with an ultimate goal of 1 MTCO2e per year.

Web-based Software for Managing Methane Emissions

In response to growing methane emission regulations, Process Ecology created the Methane Emissions Advisor System (MeAdvisor). MeAdvisor tracks company-wide emissions of methane from continuous sources and non-routine events, and uses accurate engineering calculations to estimate methane volumes and emissions. Engineers can interpret the resulting data to optimize system designs and operating processes, which can result in the achievement of significant emission reductions. MeAdvisor uses facility-specific data to record methane emissions profiles for individual sources and identifies reduction opportunities. Their reporting technology can streamline emissions data for natural gas byproducts and greenhouse gases.

Figure 3. MeAdvisor web-based software for managing methane emissions.