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ReductionTech (GC Green Carbon Inc.), Methane Arrester Technology  

Methane Arrester Technology

ReductionTech (GC Green Carbon Inc.) is working with Thompson Rivers University and Sustainable Development Technology Canada to develop and install methane arresters that remove methane and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through hydroxyl remediation. The arrester technology deconstructs greenhouse gases and uses oxidation to render toxic material harmless. Currently, ReductionTech is developing arresters in Kamloops, British Columbia and the British Columbia Lower Mainland. The firm has plans to build 3,300 methane arrester units within 6-9 years. The associated emission reductions are estimated to be 2.2 MTCO2e per year for every 100,000 people served.

Feasibility studies conducted by offsetters suggest that the methane arrester shows potential promise for destruction of ozone depleting substances for point source applications. There are current markets present for the sale of offsets generated by the arresters. With further research, this technology application may be accepted as an alternative method for incinerating ozone-depleting substances.