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Cap-Op Energy: Methane Abatement Project Platform (MAPP) and Distributed Energy Efficiency Project Platform (DEEPP) 

Cap-Op Energy, based in Alberta, Canada, uses cloud-based data management systems to help companies improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Methane Abatement Project Platform

Cap-Op uses the Methane Abatement Project Platform (MAPP), a data collection, validation, planning, and project management tool for distributed methane reduction projects, such as low-bleed pneumatic controllers and solar electric pumps. MAPP consists of:

  • MAPP Inventory—an equipment and asset field application that allows field staff to collect data on site and share it with corporate personnel in real time
  • MAPP Campaign—decision-making software that integrates public and private data sets to help operators find the most economic energy efficiency and emissions reduction projects

Cap-Op quantifies emissions reductions through the MAPP software based on data about inventoried facilities and replaced and retrofitted devices. Cap-Op estimates their system helped to reduce methane emissions by more than 600,000 tons of CO2e in Alberta in 2019.

Distributed Energy Efficiency Project Platform

Cap-Op Energy also uses an automated data management system called the Distributed Energy Efficiency Project Platform (DEEPP), which enables operators to track numerous distributed energy efficiency projects for carbon credits under current and proposed government carbon-taxation schemes. Using this system, operators can develop offsets from small, distributed energy efficiency projects that otherwise would not be technically or financially feasible. DEEPP's data management and report algorithms reduce the risks and costs associated with offset credit generation.