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Bluesource Methane - Bluesource Methane Reduction Program 

Bluesource is a company with diverse expertise, including carbon capture and storage, energy efficiency, mine methane, renewable energy, environmental mitigation (land use, habitat protection, restoration), and climate change adaptation. Through their Bluesource Methane Reduction Program, they work to decrease methane emissions from oil & gas operations. The program contains 3,500 low-venting pneumatic controllers designed to reduce natural gas venting in Alberta’s oil and gas industry and is designed to help companies meet methane venting requirements established by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). Although currently active in Alberta, Canada, Bluesource is looking to expand to other oil & gas producing regions of the world, including in Central/South America, Australia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Current partners include:

  • 19 different oil & gas producers
  • A primary equipment supplier
  • 4 electrical & instrumentation firms

Potential Methane Reductions

Bluesource quantifies emission reductions and creates emission reduction offset credits, which includes conducting an in-depth verification process for each evaluation of credits. A reduction of 2-3 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent are expected for the existing program in Alberta by the end of 2022. Expansion of the program to other oil & gas producing regions of the world is expected to create an even larger impact.