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ABiogás is fostering the development of the biogas sector and
increasing the sector's share in the Brazilian energy matrix. As a non-profit organization, ABiogás acts as a primary channel of communication between the energy sector, governmental institutions, and local organizations. ABiogás’ associates are public and private organizations that represent all of the links in the biogas value chain—from equipment suppliers to law firms—increasing direct information exchange between entities from numerous disciplines.

The Brazilian Energy Market: Current State and Future Directions  

As of 2019, there were approximately 400 installed biogas plants generating power from landfills, animal and agricultural waste, and forestry waste. Small-scale biogas plants represented 64 percent of the total number of active plants in Brazil. However, 82 percent of all biogas produced came from a few large-scale plants.

In order to increase access to biogas and its necessary infrastructure beyond the coast of Brazil, the government developed new regulations.

  • In July 2019, the federal New Gas Market program was established to expand investments in natural gas processing, transportation, and distribution infrastructure.
  • The RenovaBio National Biofuels Policy, which is expected go into effect in 2020, focuses on a policy that encourages decarbonization with a focus on fuels, certification of biofuels demonstrating the reduction of greenhouse gases, and trade of biofuel decarbonization credits.

Recent Actions in Support of Advancing Biogas Use 

In 2019, ABiogás’ promoted the biogas sector in Brazil through the following actions:

  • Formulated legal frameworks for biogas policies at the national level
  • Participated in country energy planning efforts led by the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • Contributed to price formulation for biomethane in Brazilian states
Read more about ABiogás’ actions including their participation in industry events here.

ABiogás Associates 

Learn more about ABiogás’ associates here.