Ogboyoga Mine Power Generation Project Opportunity, Nigeria

Coal Mines
Geographical Focus
Anambra Coal Basin 
Description of Project
This project opportunity would initiate pre-feasibility studies and economic analyses for CMM capture and use systems. Eventually, this project would install CMM-fired electricity generators to supply electricity to nearby towns. 
Partner Countries included in or proposing this activity
Nigeria, United States
Instrumental Organizations
* Federal Ministry of Environment, Housing, and
Urban Development (Nigeria)
* U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Estimated lifetime of the project (years):
Emissions reductions:
Results and Outcomes
This project will ultimately result in methane emission reductions from the Ogboyoga mine by capturing and using otherwise wasted CMM. 
Additional Documentation
Ogboyoga Expo Flyer.pdf (PDF)
Primary contact for this project or activity

First Name: Solomon O.

Last Name: Adesanya

Organization Name: Federal Ministry of Environment, Housing, and

Email: muyiwaad@yahoo.com

Financial And In-Kind Support (U.S. $)
Total Amount provided by all Partner Countries and Organizations instrumental to this project or activity: $30,000


Description of In-Kind Support:
Technical assistance

This project was featured at the Methane to Markets Partnership Expo in Beijing, China, held 30 October to 1 November 2007.