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04 November 2008

Name: Landfill Methane to Markets Workshop

Sector: Municipal Solid Waste

Location: Qubus Hote, Krakow, Poland

Event Details: Landfill methane capture and use is good for the global environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and in many cases can be good for business, too. More than 1,100 landfill methane energy projects are operating around the world, and there are thousands more opportunities that have not yet been exploited. This workshop provided the basics of landfill methane energy project planning, design, and financing, and discussed opportunities for landfill methane capture and use in Poland, Ukraine and the surrounding region. Presenters provided their experiences with these projects that capture an otherwise wasted source of energy. Whether or not you are a landfill owner, government official, project developer, or potential project financer, attendees came away with a greater understanding of how landfill methane energy projects are developed.

For More Information: Registration and hotel information and agenda (PDF, 3 pp, 44 KB)