News and Events

21 September 2009

Name: Landfill Subcommittee Meeting

Sector: Municipal Solid Waste

Location: Long Beach, CA, United States

Event Details: The Landfill Subcommittee Meeting is being held concurrently with the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) WasteCon 2009 Exiting Methane to Markets, taking place 21-24 September, 2009. There is no cost to attend the Methane to Markets Subcommittee meeting, but if you wish to attend WasteCon you must register and pay for that meeting separately. Admission to the WasteCon exhibitor''s hall is free. For information on WasteCon please consult the WasteCon 2009 Web site Exiting Methane to Markets.

Agenda: Landfill Subcommittee Meeting Agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 27 KB)

Minutes: Landfill Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (PDF, 16 pp, 75 KB)

Review of 9th Meeting Minutes (PDF, 8 pp, 74 KB)
Report from the Administrative Support Group (ASG) (PDF, 14 pp, 587 KB)
Discussion of Wastewater Sector (PDF, 13 pp, 100 KB)
Brazil Country Updates (PDF, 19 pp, 465 KB)
Overview of New Delhi Expo (PDF, 19 pp, 222 KB)
Update in International Landfill Database (PDF, 7 pp, 809 KB)