Methane to Markets Workshop: Beijing

Coal Mines
Geographical Focus
Partnership wide
Beijing, China. 
Description of Project
This was a technical workshop designed to showcase technological developments applicable to coal mine methane recovery and utilization projects in China. The workshop was held in conjunction with EPA-sponsored symposium. 
Partner Countries included in or proposing this activity
Australia, China, Japan, United States
Instrumental Organizations
* U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
* Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
* Australia’s Department of Industry Tourism & Resources (DITR)
* China Coal Information Institute (CCII)
Estimated lifetime of the project (years):
Emissions reductions:
Results and Outcomes
This event promoted technology transfer and project development in China.  
Additional Documentation
Primary contact for this project or activity

First Name: Pamela

Last Name: Franklin

Organization Name: EPA


Financial And In-Kind Support (U.S. $)
Total Amount provided by all Partner Countries and Organizations instrumental to this project or activity: $44,000


Description of In-Kind Support:
* Japan NEDO provided travel support for delegates from Argentina, India, Nigeria, Russia, and Ukraine to attend the workshop.
* Australia DITR provided funding to support the workshop
* U.S. EPA provided funding to support the workshop and organized the agenda and speakers
* CCII provided logistical support to host the workshop