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Based on data in EPA's Global Anthropogenic Emissions of Non—CO2 Greenhouse Gases report, in 2005, the Republic of Korea's estimated anthropogenic methane emissions ranked 37th in the world. Approximately 48 percent of its anthropogenic methane emissions—16.0 MMTCO2E—come from agriculture (manure management), coal mines, municipal solid waste, and natural gas and oil systems.

미국 환경보호국(EPA)의 전세계 이산화탄소제외(Non—CO2) 온실가스 인위적 방출 보고서는 2005년 대한민국의 메탄가스 방출량을 세계 37위로 추정하였습니다. 인위적 메탄가스(16.0 MMTCO2E) 방출량 중 약 48%가 영농 (비료 처리), 채탄, 쓰레기 처리, 천연가스 및 석유에 의한 것입니다.

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This map uses data from the GMI Map of Methane Sites. Visit the world map for more about this map and how to use it.

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